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Premier Primary Care Physicians in Victorville, CA

Primary care professionals provide service on the front lines of healthcare and are the patient’s first point of contact. Our primary care includes internal medicine, family medicine, gynecology, behavioral health, and more. As primary care physicians, Dr. Arash Milani and team, promotes effective communication with patients and families. We address various patient health issues and determine if a specialist is needed for the medical condition. We offer walk-in and same-day visits. We are always available to answer any questions regarding your health concerns.

doctor standing in hallway

Primary Care Addresses Healthcare Issues

Primary care physicians practice general healthcare, providing the best care possible. We address many healthcare issues, such as:

  • Preventive Care – Addressing health concerns before they become a problem
  • Common Illness – Treating common illnesses with medication and care
  • Early Detection – Helping detect illness and adverse health conditions as early as possible
  • Management – Long-lasting chronic condition management
  • Referrals – Medical specialist referrals when necessary

Our Primary Care Team Fights for Your Health

Primary care physicians often become a part of a patient’s family, building a bond of trust over the years. As your primary care team, we treat each patient with respect and utmost care. We ensure each patient gets the highest quality medical care in a comfortable setting. We are often the first ones to notice a patient’s early signs of depression or chronic disease. We are advocates in keeping you healthy and our focus is to provide optimal care and support.

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