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Providing Telemedicine for Our Victorville, CA Patients

We love seeing our patients face-to-face, but we also understand a virtual visit is a quick and easy way to get necessary care. Telemedicine is available for our patients in Victorville, CA, as a way to get a high level of care for the patient’s comfort and convenience. We offer one-on-one video interactions between our physicians and patients. Many patients choose telemedicine so they can receive a diagnosis and medical advice without coming into the office. We evaluate each patient’s needs and determine if an in-person office visit is required after your telemedicine visit.


Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular for people of all ages, even if they don’t consider themselves computer-savvy. There are many advantages to telemedicine, including:


Visit with your doctor anywhere without worrying about fitting a trip into your busy schedule or leaving your home when you don’t feel well.

Control of Infectious Illness

Telehealth can prescreen patients for infectious diseases to help lower exposure.

Family Connections

A family member can help you by taking notes and asking specific questions.

Primary Care and Chronic Condition Management

Professional care teams can help you manage chronic conditions and give you answers for primary care concerns.

How to Prepare for Your Telemedicine Appointment

A telemedicine appointment is convenient and easy. They can be conducted from your smartphone, computer, tablet, or any digital device. Before your visit, we will send a list of instructions and a link to click to enter the telemedicine visit. Mobile devices need to be charged on the day of your appointment and all necessary apps uploaded. Write down symptoms and issues before the telemedicine visit to assist us in the evaluation of your medical problems. After logging in, you will be in a virtual waiting area before the telemedicine visit starts. For questions or concerns about telehealth visits, reach out to us. We’re here for you!

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