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Offering Geriatric Care for Victorville, CA Patients

Geriatric care focuses on the health conditions and disabilities that often come as a result of aging. Nearly 85% of elderly adults have at least one or more health conditions. We understand that managing health conditions and medications can be difficult to provide in a safe and caring environment. Dr. Arash Milani is Board-Certified in Geriatrics and can provide you and your family members the best geriatric care in Victorville, CA, and the High Desert area. Our geriatric care team focuses on meeting health challenges with personal attention and specialized care before they become more severe.


Devoted to Optimal Health Through Geriatric Care Services

We are devoted to the unique health needs of elderly adults and work to personalize a care plan for each patient. Our geriatric healthcare promotes a plan to maintain optimal health and manage medical conditions. We also provide:

  • A safe and secure place to openly express private matters
  • Communication with respect and kindness
  • Support for decisions while encouraging independence
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Stimulating mental and physical activity to boost confidence
  • Assistance with vision, auditory, and dental aid
  • Routine physical wellness checks
  • Consideration of patients’ preferences and needs
  • Observation of any changes in body or behavior

Finding the Perfect Fit for Geriatric Care Patients

Finding the perfect fit with a healthcare provider as you age is essential to ensure the process is as easy and healthy as possible. You must find a team of professionals that puts your health and well-being first. Our geriatric physicians and team are qualified to provide caring, comprehensive medical attention to elderly patients to assist in understanding the aging process. We provide care that helps geriatric patients stay active and healthy through personalized, coordinated care.

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