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Importance of Women’s Health in Victorville, CA

Dr. Arash Milani and team are dedicated to the mental and physical health of women in Victorville, CA. We welcome you into our warm and professional environment to get the care and assistance you need. When we focus on a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, we build healthier lives together. Women often put the health of their families as a priority, often forgetting to care for themselves. It is imperative that women receive self-care to stay on top of their health. Women need to attend routine check-ups to speak with doctors about health concerns such as osteoporosis, breast health, anxiety, cervical cancer screening, and mammograms. A trip to a women’s health physician should be a top priority every year.


Women’s Health Services

From mom and wife to daughter and sister, women play so many roles. We want to be a part of your role as a woman by being your health partner for life. We offer screening for common conditions as well as advanced medical care for women. Some of our specific services include:

Well Woman Exam

Includes pap smear, breast cancer screening, pelvic exam, and addresses any health issues.

Birth Control

Includes discussing the best types of birth control to fit your needs, including hormonal contraception and long-term contraception.

Weight Management

Includes testing and body composition analyses, diagnosis and treatment of weight-related health issues, medications, and exercise therapy.

Team of Women’s Health Professionals

Our team of professionals are here to ensure you feel safe and comfortable while keeping your health our number one priority. We understand women’s health puts many people in a vulnerable situation. We work to ensure you get the treatment you need in an empathetic environment. Sheila M. Kraft, RNP has over 15 years of nursing experience. She specializes in diagnosing and treating illnesses and managing chronic diseases. Christine Lynn Hoban, RNP has a background as an ER nurse. Her compassionate personality and quality of service put patients at ease. Contact us to put your health first today.

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